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Struggling with Dry Locs? Try the Loc Brushing Technique to Restore Shine & Sheen

Struggling with Dry Locs? Try the Loc Brushing Technique to Restore Shine & Sheen

One of the top two troublesome issues many of my LocStars face is dry locs and lint. It’s something that seems to creep up at some point in the course of one’s loc journey and many of you are suffering in silence. Dry locs tend […]

Dear ‘woke’ White people, here’s what you need to know about cutting a black man’s hair…and other cultural insults you didn’t realize you were making.

Dear ‘woke’ White people, here’s what you need to know about cutting a black man’s hair…and other cultural insults you didn’t realize you were making.

How all of the adults and coaches at the wrestling match that day failed Andrew Johnson… A young man was publicly humiliated, dehumanized and discriminated against while an auditorium full of adults and his peers watched and to say that I am deeply saddened is […]

The Best Subscription Boxes for Loose and Loc’d Naturals (All Updated *Links*)

The Best Subscription Boxes for Loose and Loc’d Naturals (All Updated *Links*)

Best subscription boxes for loose and loc’d naturals

Subscription boxes have been hot ever since 2010, when Birchbox launched the first. If you are wondering what subscription boxes are, essentially they’re goodies, sample items and products from a particular niche that are packaged and delivered monthly to your doorstep at an affordable price.

It’s an uber convenient way to try out new products or indulge in your favorite obsession, and most boxes are good value for money. These days, you can find subscription boxes for almost anything and everything your heart desires.

And yes, that includes us naturals! Some have been in the subscription box game for a long time, and others are newer on the scene. But we’re bringing you the cream of the crop when it comes to catering to the natural girls. 

Still curious? Look no further. Here are six of the best subscription boxes that every Naturalista should give a try at least once.

But first…

What’s the benefit of joining a subscription box for curly hair?

  • You get to try products to see if they are a good fit for your hair before taking the plunge with your hard earned money
  • Get access to products/items that may not be available in your area
  • Most boxes offer full-sized products at deeply discounted prices
  • Satisfy your product junkie cravings with access to different brand products all from the comfort of your home
  • A good way to give gifts to yourself and loved ones
  • Skip the hassle of shopping for products and trudging through overwhelming beauty store aisles
  • Get product recommendations from a trusted expert in that niche

Below is a roundup of some of the best subscription boxes for both loose and loc’d naturals to help you make the best choice that fits your hair journey.

1) CurlKit

Clocking in at only $25 a month, CurlKit is a subscription box that caters to curly girls in search of healthier hair. It’s  simple: just subscribe, sample and shop! Signing up for the box is quick and easy, and you’re sent several deluxe products to try out.  Not only does CurlKit offer a unique shopping experience right in the comfort of your home, but you’ll learn a great deal about what works for your hair, too!

Subscription type: Unlimited slots, no waiting list.

Price: $25. Billed every 15th of the month

Shipping: Free in the US. International shipping and prices available for select countries.

Content: 6-9, full sized and sample-sized products from different product brands

Plus/extras: Celebrity product freebies, Curl Life magazine containing product information, interviews, styling inspiration and more.

Cancellation: Anytime before midnight on the 14th



2) CurlBox

Exclusive access to countless brands meant just for your hair? It’s a deal that you can’t possibly pass up! Curlbox knows that good products for your curly hair can be hard to find and was one of the first to offer a subscription box catering to natural hair. So sit back, relax and kick your feet up. Whether it’s brands you already love or new ones that are up and coming, Curlbox knows just what curly girls need.

Subscription type: Limited slots available on a first come, first serve basis. Notification available via their mailing list.

Price: $20 billed every 15th of the month

Shipping: $5 in the US. $10 to Canada

Content: 6-5 Full-sized products from a hair and/or skincare brand.

Plus/extras: Complementary card containing product information.

Cancellation: Before midnight (EST) by 20th of the month



3) HealthyLocs Culture Box

While there are several options for subscription boxes catering to natural hair, it can be super difficult to find one that focus on healthy dreadlocks care. But our Loc’d sisters and brothers aren’t left out of the monthly hair Happy Mail club.  At the time of this writing, the HealthyLocs Culture Box is only box made especially for people who love their locs. 

The Healthy Locs Culture Box offers up to seven loc products right to your doorstep! To make your loc journey a total breeze, this box is a godsend.

Subscription type: Unlimited, no waiting list.

Price: $39/ month for up $80- $100 worth of products. Billed 1st of every month

Shipping: Free on US orders, $9.95 on international orders

Content: 5-7 awesome custom products for locs

Plus/extras: Each box is custom-created and contains 1-2 products exclusive to subscribers, not sold on the store. Plus subscribers receive a custom t-shirt designed especially for LocStars.

Cancellation: Any time before next billing cycle



4) Curl Mix

Curly hair care has never been this simple. With a penchant for clean, organic beauty, every product that Curlmix sends you is free of phthalates, parabens, sulfates and formaldehyde. For the more environmentally conscious curly girl, you’ll be pleased to find out that all of Curlmix’s handmade products are vegan, cruelty free and completely organic! Curlmix is a subscription box for the DIY mixtress, or a budding one. It’s haircare as it should always be: reliable and worry-free.

Subscription type: Limited. Slots open once a month. Notification available via their mailing list.

Price: $30

Shipping: Free. US only.

Content: 5-7 all-natural organic ingredients, instructions on how to DIY, tools needed to DIY

Plus/extras: Each box also comes with directions on how to tweak the recipe to suit your hair type

Cancellation: Before last day of the month



5) My Curls Understood

If you’ve ever felt like curly hair has been put on the back burner for too long, then you’re not alone. Curls Understood knows that it’s about time that curly hair received the love and attention that it deserves. With moisture-rich products tailored especially for your texture of hair, it’s the perfect boost to your hair growth journey that you never knew you needed.

Subscription type: Limited. Opens on the first day of every month.

Price: $26.99 ($21.99 for pre-made boxes) / month. Billed on 1st of every month. Payment frequency options also available.

Shipping: Free. US only, no P.O. Box

Content: 5-7 deluxe full-sized products

Plus/extras: Custom boxes based on hair profile created after completing a questionnaire. Boxes occasionally contain hair tools and product discounts.

Cancellation: Any time before 20th of the month



6) Cocotique

COCOTIQUE is a deluxe beauty box subscription service that hand picks beauty and lifestyle products for women of color. They seek out and find the best beauty and lifestyle products, from established bigger brands to smaller emerging ones to add to your watch list, all targeting WOC’s unique needs and desires and ship them to your door each month.

Subscription type:  Unlimited. Subscription frequency plans also available.

Price: $25. Billed the same date of initial payment

Shipping: Free. US only except Alaska and Hawaii.

Content: 5-8 full size and deluxe sample size of hair and beauty products

Plus/extras: Bonus offer of a year’s supply of Essence magazine.

Cancellation: 5 days prior to renewal. First month and long-term plans are not eligible for refunds.



7) Onyx Beauty Box

Who said that finding the right products for your curls had to be costly? With an affordable box that’s complete with free shipping, We are Onyx helps you to find what works for you. This box doesn’t only come with hair products, but with high-quality makeup samples too! It’s the best of both worlds.

Subscription type: Unlimited. No waitlists

Price: $25/ month. 3,6, 12-month subscriptions also available.

Shipping: Free, US only.

Content: 5-7 hair and skin products for women of color

Plus/extras: Discount on long-term and mid-term subscription plans

Cancellation: Any time but long-term subscriptions are not eligible for refunds.



Isn’t it exciting to now have so many options for women of color?!? There once was a time when our options were few and far between. Which is one of the major reasons we, as a collective, got creative and came up with our own solutions. But hey, we’ve always been a people of ingenuity and the realm of hair care is no different. 

Natural hair takes time, patience and a lot of trial and error. Every Naturalista knows the feeling of having to try tons of products before they find the ones that work for them. Here’s where subscription boxes come in. These nifty little boxes deliver a monthly dose of sample-sized (and full-size) products for you to try without ever leaving the comfort of your couch.

Why spend money on one product that may not work for you when you could spend the exact same thing on a quality curated opportunity to find your hair & beauty besties?

So the only question is…which will you try?



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More than a Pretty Pink Ribbon: A candid conversation about breast health…

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What’s in my bag? Natural Hair Essentials to Keep Your Curls Poppin’ When Traveling Abroad

What’s in my bag? Natural Hair Essentials to Keep Your Curls Poppin’ When Traveling Abroad

The Natural Girl’s Guide to International Travel When planning an international trip, there’s usually a long checklist to tick off when packing, and when you add natural hair to the mix, the list gets even longer… And yes I agree, rocking a protective style is […]

Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Naturalisto in Your Life

Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Naturalisto in Your Life

Gifts for Him You Probably Didn’t Think Of…

Father’s Day is right around the corner and you’re not planning to give him another tie or bottle of whisky for the umpteenth time, right?

Getting gifts for guys can prove to be stressful because, what do they want? That wouldn’t break the bank? As we ponder on this, time flies by and before we know it we’re resorting to the same old basic gifts for him yet again.

But this year, we’re riding the #dobetter train and putting some extra thought into our gifts.

With the signature day that’s all about him coming up on June 17th, there’s ample time to get something special for him. So we’ve curated 7 unique Fathers day gift ideas to get your old man this Father’s Day—or the men in your life on any other day.

Statement Tees and Sweatshirts

Dads must have a lot of ‘Best Dad In The World’ and other cheeky tees to last a lifetime. So how about a statement sweatshirt (for him) like this one to switch things up?

they ain't loyal hoodie

Grooming and Maintenance Kits

Grooming and maintenance kits are great gift ideas for guys. Whether it’s a maintenance kit for his mane, or beard, or nails… grooming kits always take the biscuit because they’re practical, have him clean up nicely, and saves time that would have been spent sourcing for individual products.

dreadlock products for loc maintenance

A Good Book

Yes, dads love to read too. As with all gifts, you just need to pick a book he would find useful or entertaining. This could be a real winner because of the thoughtfulness that goes into to picking a book that speaks to his particular personality. Is he a hipster? A tech geek or a golf lover perhaps?

There are many books spanning all sorts of topics from cuisine and style,to wood work and machine maintenance. Surely there’s a topic out there to interest your dad. Your gift to him could be paying a whole year’s magazine subscription, or buying a good classic book he’ll always find useful. Bonus tip: if you’re getting a book on handy topics, add at least, one tool to the mix. Thank me later.

books for men who read

AI Assistants

We’re smack in the middle of a technology era and a little bird mentioned that AI assistants will become mainstream in the very near future. Well, even if they don’t, a tech personal assistant like the Amazon echo dot or Google Home can prove a practical gift for guys. From playing a song, to asking about the weather, all he has to do is say it and good old AI would be at his service.

Loc Accessories

Is dad tying his locs with some temple straining hair ties? Or worse yet, a rubber band?!? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Shop our no-tension loc ties and lassos for different sizes and lengths of locs.

ponytail holder for dreadlocks

A Day at the (Man)spa

That’s something you would book for mom, right? But hey, Dads also need to relax, have a good massage treatment, some exfoliating session and mani-pedi because they do need it. Although most of them dare not admit it, they like to be pampered too and secretly take bubble baths with your shower gels when you’re not looking. So a spacation is a unique gift for him this Father’s Day because he needs it and he won’t see this coming.

Gift Card

A gift card might not seem like a special or unique guy gift idea at first. But let’s face it, unless you are going to flat out ask him what he wants (and he actually tells you), the gifts you get him may not be exactly what he needs at the moment. Or you might get the same old, “anything is good” answer which doesn’t make things any easier. But with a gift card, they get to choose what they want and you lose less sleep wondering what to get him. It’s a win-win

Gift card to Loccessories store for curls, coils, kinks & locs

So drop a comment below, which unique gift idea for Dad will you be buying this year?

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Sound the Alarm: How the Latest Hair Color Trends May Be Causing Your Painful Periods

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Is An Afro Puff Professional Enough for the Office?

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Cutie Pie Hair Accessories for Locs, Braids & Twists

Cutie Pie Hair Accessories for Locs, Braids & Twists

Okay, maybe I’m a little biased but I just have to tell you about Sugar Snaps Hair Barrettes for Locs & Twists.

Read on and you’ll soon understand my enthusiasm…

hair barettes for locsLittle girls love to feel beautiful, cute, and pretty. One of the many ways they get to do this is by their hair being adorned with colorful and cute hair accessories. Sugar Snaps hair barrettes for girls’ dreadlocks & twists can jazz up any hairstyle and boost your little girl’s confidence about her look at the same time.

The Sugar Snaps story

Imagine our disappointment when we surveyed the market and found that there were no snap barrettes tailor-made for little girls with dreadlocks. Cute hair beads and accessories are pretty much a right of passage for curly haired girls, am I right?  A head full of colorful clips while growing up was the ultimate necessity to complete your look. Having your hair done up with colorful barrettes was and still is the icing on the cake for a young girl’s style.

sugar snaps hair barrettes for dreadlocks, braids & twists

Not only that, it was and still is a genuine time to bond with mom, auntie or grandma (whomever was styling your hair) and to shore up your self-confidence, setting out to face the world with a crown worthy of a real princess.

But little girls with locs often times feel side-lined and left out of this magical, self-affirming experience because commercial hair companies do not think about the needs of girls with locs when producing hair accessories.

Little micro-aggressions like this can diminish a girl’s self-confidence, and she soon comes to believe that she isn’t deserving of pretty accessories like her peers because of the way she wears her hair. But we know that is not the case, every girl deserves to feel beautiful and adored regardless of her hairstyle or its unique texture.

Sugar Snaps are uniquely crafted clip barrettes made especially for girls with locs and twists. It is the perfect hair accessory to complete any look. Simply put, Sugar Snaps are the perfect way for your daughter to feel beautiful about her hair and about herself. And just seeing the glowing smile on her face when she looks in the mirror is how you’ll know you’ve given her that. It’s a mommy-daughter win-win.



  • Perfect fit: The round barrettes are designed to fit snuggly around locs. This isn’t common with mainstream snap barrettes which are designed for straight hair only.
  • Sure-grip clasp: Each Sugar Snap barrette is fixed with small teeth to grip the locs, twists and braids, holding them securely in place.
  • No missing clips: Having barrettes go missing is frustrating to say the least and we understand the struggle. Sugar Snaps are designed to ensure that they remain fastened to the locs all day long. Even if you have an active daughter, she can stay confident knowing that her barrettes won’t go missing during any of her daytime activities.
  • Durable & lightweight: Sugar Snaps are made from high quality material which improve the long-term durability and wear of the accessories. They are also lightweight and won’t weigh down your little girl’s hair.
  • Cute and fun! The delightful Sugar Snaps come in different shapes and colors including hearts, stars and even gemstone princess crowns—great for coordinating with your precious little lady’s outfits. They’re the perfect hair accessories for creating fun looks on your baby girl.

Sugar Snaps Barrettes for Locs & Twists by Loccessories is for every Mom who wants to style her little girl’s hair with fun accessories that fit her locs.

So, if you’re a Mom who really wants to style your little girl’s hair with accessories that fit her locs, “Sugar Snaps Barrettes for Locs & Twists by Loccessories” is the answer you’ve been looking for! Click Here to order…

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