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Lint in Locs How To Get Lint Out of your Dreadlocks the easy way

Let’s face it…it doesn’t seem to matter how well you try to maintain your locs — lint happens! It doesn’t mean you did something wrong, but there are some things you can do differently. Try these techniques…[Read More]


Best oils to moisturize dry locs

It’s difficult for the sebum of naturally textured hair and locs to travel down the hair shaft to effectively coat the hair, which makes it prone to brittleness and breakage. There are several effective ways to combat this and keep your locs moisturized. [Read more if you suffer from dry, brittle locs…]


Best Dreadlock Shampoo Top Tips

After spending so much time & care in cultivating your locs, you don’t just want to shampoo dreadlocks with any old shampoo that you picked up at the 99 cent store. A dreads shampoo will keep your locs looking fresh & fierce. But what makes for a good dreadlocks shampoo you ask? [Read on to discover some important tips about shampooing dreads…]


how to find the right size dreadlock beads

When looking for loc jewelry or dread beads to accessorize your dreadlocks, it’s important to know the diameter of your locs so that you can find the right size dread beads for your hair. [Read on for best practices when measuring your locs…]


When planning an international trip, there’s usually a long checklist to tick off when packing, and when you add natural hair to the mix, the list gets even longer. [Read on to discover the 5 essentials every Naturalista should have in her travel bag…]


hair color and painful periods

There’s so many chemicals in use today that negatively affect our health. But have you ever wondered how those chemicals are affecting your lady business? [Read more…]


natural hair gift ideas *drool*

There are always new and trending products that naturals are excited about. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your favorite  Naturalista, look no further. Here are a few gift ideas that are popular among those who rock their coils, kinks, and locs with pride. [Read More…]


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