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How To Measure Your Dreadlocks for Loc Beads

How To Measure Your Dreadlocks for Loc Beads

When looking for loc jewelry or dread beads to accessorize your dreadlocks, it’s important to know the diameter of your locs first so that you can find the right sized dread beads.

Knowing ahead of time the thickness of your locs will save you lots of time while shopping and prevent the disappointment of finding out later that the loc bead you spent all day picking out doesn’t even fit.

No worries, we’ve got the perfect solution for you…

Most beads and assorted crafts are measured in millimeters so grab your handy ruler and measure the thickness of your locs before you pick your adornments and voila…you’re all good to go!

Click on the link above or you can watch it here on YouTube…

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