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You’ve been searching high & low for natural hair accessories for curls, coils, kinks & locs…and  finally you’re home.


Welcome to Loccessories, a little section of the web where you’ll find just about everything you need for dreadlock care & natural hair. We’re committed to helping you embrace your natural hair by giving you styling solutions to help you take the best possible care of your natural hair and make loc’d life a whole lot easier. All of our dreadlocks products are created and carefully curated by one very passionate Naturalista  for men and women with gorgeous heads of luscious curls, coils, kinks & locs – so you can be certain that they’re made with your specific hair needs in mind.

What You’ll Find At Loccessories

taj mahal loc tieAt Loccessories, we feature a wide range of dreadlocks accessories, including loc cuffs, hair jewelry for locs, loc ties and dread beads. All of our natural hair accessories are hand-crafted from the finest materials we can find, feature stylish designs that reflect both classic looks and the latest trends in natural hair and guaranteed to please.

With our hair accessories, you can feel free to try out attractive new dreadlocks styles for everyday wear, professional dress and special occasions. We even have hair accessories made especially for men and bridal hair accessories made specifically to accommodate thick, curly hair.

You can learn more about the natural hair products we offer by clicking on the categories in the Shop Now or the sidebar section. In addition to our loc adornments, Loc•cessories carries an assortment of dreadlocks maintenance essentials. These products allow you to cleanse, style and perform routine maintenance of your dreads effectively without causing damage to tender tresses. Oh, and check out the other categories to see the complimentary products we offer as well. Here, ‘au naturale’ is more than just a hairstyle…it’s a lifestyle.

Mission: Empower women & girls with big, bold curls to be unapologetic in their beauty.

A Wealth of Hair Care Resources At Your Fingertips

Loc•cessories is dedicated to fully meeting the needs of the Natural Hair community and helping men & women just like you cultivate and embrace your hair’s distinctive characteristics. That’s why we also provide handy ‘Hair How-To’ guides on dreadlocks maintenance topics that matter to you. You’ll find links to the latest guides on the right side in the sidebar on the Blog page. It’ll continue to grow over time so be sure to bookmark us and visit again. The blog is also an excellent source for the latest natural hair news and tips. Be sure to join the “Hot List” to stay up-to-date, plus receive exclusive discounts and Private Sales only available to our VIP subscribers.join vip hot list for dreadlocks natural hair


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A Unique Shopping Experience

So are you ready to begin shopping for loc accessories and natural hair goodness? Click on the Shop Now link to see the full selection of products, or pick and category and dive in. Looking for something in particular? Click on the magnifying glass, type in what you’re hunting for in the search box and find it right away. Shop your way…it’s totally up to you! If you need help at any time, click on the Contact link and K. Hill will get back to you in a jiffy with answers to your questions about our products or dreadlock maintenance in general. Thanks for stopping by and best wishes on your loc journey…