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Does “Team Natural” Have Room For Dreadlock Extensions?

Does “Team Natural” Have Room For Dreadlock Extensions?

Can You Fake “Team Natural” With Dreadlock Extensions?

The choice to wear dreadlocks is a major decision because of the numerous political, cultural and religious connotations the hairstyle holds. Yet for others, it is just a hair style and many choose to achieve the look through extensions for dreads. Dreadlocks is the process of matting the hair and allowing it to tangle upon itself in a freeform or cultivated fashion (i.e. freeform locs vs. cultivated locs). Because of the long cultivation time necessary to loc the hair, extensions allow you to experience what it feels like to have this hairstyle without waiting months or years for your own hair to fully lock.

People can choose to grow or get dreadlocks for whatever reasons they wish right? However true the former statement may be, dread extensions remain a controversial issue. Many people are appalled at the idea that there is actually a market for dreadlock extensions in the first place. Unlike some of the extension and weave styles, which require certain textures of hair to achieve, course, kinky or curly hair is the preferred texture for dreadlocks. Many feel one should grow their own naturally.

Do Dreads Hair Extensions Undermine the Spiritual Significance of Locs?

Hair Extensions for dreads are done with afro kinky human hair or synthetic fibers.  They can remain in your hair permanently if you decide that you do like the style and are well suited for it. Synthetic dreadlocks can be made with fake hair that is teased, twisted, and steamed to look like dreadlocks. When blended well, they are undetectable. No one can tell the difference.

Loc extensions admittedly are a useful alternative for people who don’t have the time or the texture of hair to grow natural consistent dreads. They give people the option of having thicker consistent dreads because their own hair may be too thin to create that or many people just don’t like, or have the patience for, the in-between stage of the natural locking process, so this allows them to skip it and have a full head of natural looking dreadlocks in just three-five hours.

It takes years and dedication to grow natural dreadlocks.  Many people do not want to wear their hair so short for so long. The wearer can choose the color of the hair including the length. The pre-dreaded extensions can be glued or tied into your own hair (*not recommended*). However because of the spiritual connotations surrounding the style, loc enthusiasts sometimes have a problem with fake dreadlocks and generally feel that the locs are more of a spiritual journey than a fashion statement.

So can you claim to be natural if you’re wearing dreadlock extensions? What are your thoughts?

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