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What’s in my bag? Natural Hair Essentials to Keep Your Curls Poppin’ When Traveling Abroad

What’s in my bag? Natural Hair Essentials to Keep Your Curls Poppin’ When Traveling Abroad

The Natural Girl’s Guide to International Travel

When planning an international trip, there’s usually a long checklist to tick off when packing, and when you add natural hair to the mix, the list gets even longer…

And yes I agree, rocking a protective style is more convenient and requires minimal maintenance, but sometimes you just want to let it ‘fro, and that’s alright too.

In order to rock that style all trip long, there are 5 essentials every Naturalista should have in her travel bag on an international trip. You can add to this list of course, but here we’ll cover the essential must-haves.

Moisturizers and Styling Cream

This is top of the list! Pack your tried and truly tested hair stylers and conditioners. And pack them all in the right sizes so your faves don’t end up in the TSA trash. Be a smart traveler, reduce those extra baggage fees by getting travel-sized bottles from Amazon, or your local beauty supply store.

Also, you’ll want to ensure that they’re tightly sealed. You can pack them in a Ziploc bag, wrap them with cling film or open up your product, cover it in cling wrap, or bits of a plastic bag, then seal with the container’s cover. This will keep your products from spilling. And if they do still manage a leak, the sealed Ziploc bag will be a lifesaver.

detangle & chill (natural hair)Detangler

Unless you’re a pro finger detangler, travelling without your detangler is a no-no. And no, now is not the time to experiment to see if you’d be good at finger detangling….lol! Save that for when you return from your trip when you can simply detangle & chill.

Satin bonnets/Scarves

Hotels don’t offer satin pillow cases and there’s no telling if you’ll find one at the local market of the country you’re visiting or how much the vendors will charge you when they realize you’re not a local.

Scarves can also do double duty as a head wrap. Depending on where you are going, you might be required to cover your hair when out in public visiting sacred temples and spaces. So it’s a win-win.

Spray bottle

Absolute necessity! You can mix your oils and water in it before packing. But be wary of TSA and pack an empty one. You can also fill travel-sized bottles with your favorite oils as suggested above. Or wrap them up and put them in your checked bag, not your carry-on to be on the safe side.

The Emergency Essentials

You know, good ol’ bobby pins, elastic bands, and turbans for when your hair decides to act a child. Now we don’t plan for your hair to ruin the your mood on your trip, but if you do have a bad hair day or a styling malfunction, you can rest assured if you have a Hairmergency Rescue Kit to help you out.


Hairmergency Rescue Clutch for Natural Hair (travel)

With the basics ticked off on your checklist, deciding what else to pack depends on some other factors like…

The Weather

naturalistas and the weather (natural hair tips)Some products work best in certain climates and are terrible in others. For example, if your favorite product contains humectants and you are planning a winter trip, your curls will get thirsty because although humectants attract moisture from the air in humid conditions, in cooler climates they expel moisture from your hair into the atmosphere.

Don’t forget to pack anti-frizz sprays and serums if you’re heading somewhere warm like Morocco, and your satin lined hats if you’re heading some place cold.

Consider Your Activities

Will you go swimming? If yes, you’ll need some chelating shampoos and conditioners. If you plan to go backpacking or a safari ride, overly sweet-scented products might attract bugs which you don’t need. So leave those out of your bag.

Well, that sums up your natural hair must-haves to pack on your next trip. So now the only question is… where are we headed next?

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