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Kanzashi Hair Flowers Get A New Kente Twist

Kanzashi Hair Flowers Get A New Kente Twist

Kanzashi Inspired Hair Pin Designs with a Kente Twist

In ancient Japan, women used “Kanzashi” to adorn their hair. This adornment was once reserved only for Japan’s elite and socially upper class women called “Oiran.”

At Loc•cessories, today, you can see a little bit of the Kanzashi design in our hand-crafted hair pins. Modeled after a style traditionally referred to as  “Tsunami Kanzashi,” these hair pins bring a new flavor to an old tradition. This is our new line of Kanzashi hairpins are reminiscent of artisans that have mastered the art of folding fabric into unique and colorful floral patterns. The Kanzashi clower hair clips are made with lightweight African-themed fabric that is folded into flowers. Traditional Kanzashi Hair Clips are Japanese folded flowers fashioned out of silk.

The Kanzashi hair clips were ornaments used in classical Japanese society which some people believe are also usable for defensive arts in emergency situations (bearing in mind that ancient Japan was full of samurais, ninjas and other dangerous groups of people). Nevertheless, traditional Japanese society still valued ornaments like most other groups of women elsewhere during the same time period. Kanzashi flower hair clips are traditionally seen as clips with beautiful and intricate folded flower designs. In Japan, an artisan needs to even have five to 10 years of training in order to achieve the best folds. This is what inspired K. Hill to infuse this proud Asian tradition with that of the Loc hair accessory traditions.

kanzashi-flower-hairclipsKanzashi Flower Hair Clips: It’s Like Art for Your Hair

Unlike other hairpin accessories stores online, at Loc•cessories, our hairpins are more like works of art for your hair. They’re priced affordably priced and make a great gift for that special someone in your life, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or other special events.

The Loc•cessories collection of Tsumami Kanzashi hair ornaments often draw from authentic African designs, such as Kente cloth, brocade and mudcloth fabrics. The fabric patterns are often worn by African royalty, and  the material for them is often not found in stores, but has to be imported from Africa.

African cloth Tsumami Kanzashi carry the hallmark of being doubly unique, since they feature both a specialized category of hair accessories for a differentiated hair style, while also bearing the distinction of folded cloth that typically signifies the mother of civilization.

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