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InsaLoc Hair Tool for Dreadlock Maintenance

InsaLoc Hair Tool for Dreadlock Maintenance

original ouchless snagless instaloc for dradlock maintenanceThe “Original Ouchless, Snagless InstaLoc for Dreadlock Maintenance” has everything you need to create and maintain your locs in one, simple to use tool. Whatever stage you’re at in your loc journey, this handy hair tool is going to take the ‘ouch’ out of your regular hair-care routine.

If you’re just starting-out on a life with locs, the InstaLoc is a convenient alternative to the common latch-hook and crochet needle technique of maintaining your tender locs. Now you can have ‘instant’ locs with our simple, easy-to-use threader. The whole process is quick and painless, with no snags, tears or damage along the way, which is so common with the latch-hook method of dreadlock maintenance (…you know what I mean).

The InstaLoc  Hair Tool is also great for ongoing maintenance, especially for tucking-in those wayward, loose strands. The long, flexible handle has been specially designed to help you to get at all of those awkward areas – wherever those loose hairs may be hiding! The large ‘eye’ in the InstaLoc helps you to thread and lock dreads of all shapes and sizes.

Used solo or with your favorite loctician, our “Original Ouchless, Snagless InstaLoc for Dreadlock Maintenance” is a unique, loc-stitching accessory that helps you to create and maintain beautiful locs, without snags, frizz or tears.

The video demonstration below shows you how it’s done…


The InstaLoc Hair Tool for Dreadlock Maintenance is also available on Amazon!


Product ID# INSTALOC14

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