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Hey Hey Naturalistas! Natural Hair YouTube Roll Call

Hey Hey Naturalistas! Natural Hair YouTube Roll Call

Natural Hair YouTubers Are Turning Heads…

To transition hair from processed to a natural hair style, get dreadlocks or find hair care regime, most women visit Youtube. There are many Youtube users who focus solely on natural hair and who have produced an engaging  Youtube channel. Here are some of the top natural hair Youtube channels for you to explore…

Looking to YouTube for Natural Hair Inspiration?

Vlogger Spotlight: Kimmaytube


She calls herself the “Common Sense Natural” focusing on science-based tips for healthy hair and growth. Her specialty is examining the pH levels of various products and their effects on natural hair. Her leave-in conditioner recipe is widely used.

Dozens of  Natural Hairstyles on YouTube to be Discovered…
Vlogger Spotlight: Nikkimae


Nikkimae has been documenting her hair’s journey from relaxed to transitioning to the big chop to long locks. Her channel will motivate and help you through any stage of natural.

YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger Spotlight: SimplYounique


SimplYonique focuses on heat usage on natural hair and TWA Style. She has great tips on how to flat iron your natural hair.

The Full Journey from Short to Long Natural Hair
Vlogger Spotlight: Naptural85


Whether you want to figure out a better hair regime or get defined curls, check out Naptural85’s Youtube videos. She provides natural hair care remedies with lots of easy natural hairstyle step-by-step videos.

YouTube is a meeting ground for Natural Hair Care…
Vlogger Spotlight: Taren916


Taren916 is biracial: Jamaican and Swedish and pulls from her combined heritage to create videos on maintaining natural curls for African-American women with loose curl patterns. She also wears natural hair inspired wigs.

YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger Spotlight: Iknowlee


Iknowlee’s channel focuses on twist outs, updos, and celebrity inspired styles tutorials. Her channel will inspire to evolve your natural hair styling options.

YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger Spotlight: Tina Munzu


Tina Munzu had her “big chop” on March 26, 2010. When you watch her videos, you can tell she is obsessed with her hair. If you’re looking to grow your hair, her channel is a must. She believes long, healthy & beautiful hair can be a reality for anyone despite different textures and genetics. Her philosophy is if we all focused on health instead of length, we’d be amazed by how much our hair actually grows.

“I Am Not My Hair,” or am I?
Vlogger Spotlight: DailyCurlz


DailyCurlz represents for Latinas especially Afro Latinas. She is from the Dominican Republic. Before her transition, she used to relax her hair almost every month as says she didn’t like to see her kinky hair sticking out beneath her perfectly straight hair. On her channel, you can master roller sets, flexi rods and braid outs.

It’s More Than Just About Hair…
Vlogger Spotlight: AfricanExport


AfricanExport is the self-proclaimed “Realest channel on the YT.”  You can watch her journey from locs to loose, natural hair. Her YouTube channel is full of social commentary in the form of “Debate & Discussion,” product reviews and hair care regimens.

This YouTube Natural Hair Vlogger Spotlight is by no means extensive…

A quick search for “natural hair” videos on YouTube is sure to return a wealth of channels for tips, resources and styling ideas. go ahead an get lost in the inspiration…we did!

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