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Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Naturalisto in Your Life

Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Naturalisto in Your Life

Gifts for Him You Probably Didn’t Think Of…

Father’s Day is right around the corner and you’re not planning to give him another tie or bottle of whisky for the umpteenth time, right?

Getting gifts for guys can prove to be stressful because, what do they want? That wouldn’t break the bank? As we ponder on this, time flies by and before we know it we’re resorting to the same old basic gifts for him yet again.

But this year, we’re riding the #dobetter train and putting some extra thought into our gifts.

With the signature day that’s all about him coming up on June 17th, there’s ample time to get something special for him. So we’ve curated 7 unique Fathers day gift ideas to get your old man this Father’s Day—or the men in your life on any other day.

Statement Tees and Sweatshirts

Dads must have a lot of ‘Best Dad In The World’ and other cheeky tees to last a lifetime. So how about a statement sweatshirt (for him) like this one to switch things up?

they ain't loyal hoodie

Grooming and Maintenance Kits

Grooming and maintenance kits are great gift ideas for guys. Whether it’s a maintenance kit for his mane, or beard, or nails… grooming kits always take the biscuit because they’re practical, have him clean up nicely, and saves time that would have been spent sourcing for individual products.

dreadlock products for loc maintenance

A Good Book

Yes, dads love to read too. As with all gifts, you just need to pick a book he would find useful or entertaining. This could be a real winner because of the thoughtfulness that goes into to picking a book that speaks to his particular personality. Is he a hipster? A tech geek or a golf lover perhaps?

There are many books spanning all sorts of topics from cuisine and style,to wood work and machine maintenance. Surely there’s a topic out there to interest your dad. Your gift to him could be paying a whole year’s magazine subscription, or buying a good classic book he’ll always find useful. Bonus tip: if you’re getting a book on handy topics, add at least, one tool to the mix. Thank me later.

books for men who read

AI Assistants

We’re smack in the middle of a technology era and a little bird mentioned that AI assistants will become mainstream in the very near future. Well, even if they don’t, a tech personal assistant like the Amazon echo dot or Google Home can prove a practical gift for guys. From playing a song, to asking about the weather, all he has to do is say it and good old AI would be at his service.

Loc Accessories

Is dad tying his locs with some temple straining hair ties? Or worse yet, a rubber band?!? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Shop our no-tension loc ties and lassos for different sizes and lengths of locs.

ponytail holder for dreadlocks

A Day at the (Man)spa

That’s something you would book for mom, right? But hey, Dads also need to relax, have a good massage treatment, some exfoliating session and mani-pedi because they do need it. Although most of them dare not admit it, they like to be pampered too and secretly take bubble baths with your shower gels when you’re not looking. So a spacation is a unique gift for him this Father’s Day because he needs it and he won’t see this coming.

Gift Card

A gift card might not seem like a special or unique guy gift idea at first. But let’s face it, unless you are going to flat out ask him what he wants (and he actually tells you), the gifts you get him may not be exactly what he needs at the moment. Or you might get the same old, “anything is good” answer which doesn’t make things any easier. But with a gift card, they get to choose what they want and you lose less sleep wondering what to get him. It’s a win-win

Gift card to Loccessories store for curls, coils, kinks & locs

So drop a comment below, which unique gift idea for Dad will you be buying this year?

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