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Dread Beads vs. Loc Beads: Gettin’ Blingy With It

Dread Beads vs. Loc Beads: Gettin’ Blingy With It

Dread Beads: Stylish Beads to Adorn Your Locs

If you want to add style and color to your dreads, one of the best ways to do it is with dreadlock beads and accessories. This will not only give your hair more personal flair but also add some extra life and vibrancy into your dreadlocks as well. More than just an accessory, beads for dreadlocks can also help tame the shape of mature dreads. The beads help contribute to the maintenance of your locs by restricting the movement of growing hairs and frayage. It’s recommended, however, that you regularly remove beads before washing so as not to tangle (depending on the material used to make the loc cuff or dread beads) or rotate them onto other locs.

Dreadlocks beads can be purchased online (like on this website here — although we call them loc beads as a matter of personal preference) or  you can visit your local arts & crafts festival to find unique ones too.

The beads will vary in price depending on the quality, and craftsmanship. For example a dread bead made out of hand-blown glass, semi-precious or precious stones will cost more than a bead that is mass manufactured or made out of a common material.  Strangely enough, another great place to get dread beads is at the beach! Finally, you may have some beads right at home in your jewelry box. Necklaces, strings of shells, pearls, pendants, charms, and sea shells can be used as dread beads too.

Hair Beads for Dreadlocks Come In Many Materials And Styles

dread beads in pirates of the carribean
Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribbean, showing off his dread beads

Again, a dread bead will be made out of either natural materials such as amber/coral, clay, glass, pearls, shell/bone, stone and wood. They are also made up of synthetic materials such as plastic. The beads also come in various colors, designs, shapes and sizes. Measure the diameter of your locs so you can pick beads with the right hole size. It is best to choose a size that will fit snugly on your dreadlock so that the loc beads stay in place.

They are very easy to put in. Simply apply a bead to the dreadlock by sliding it on like a ring. Move it up the dreadlock until the bead is fitted tightly enough and feels secure, so it will not slide off. The texture of the dreadlock will be enough to keep the bead from sliding as long as it is tightly fitted. However, if you’re concerned about it slipping, you can use a piece of thread of similar color as your hair to secure the loc bead on the backside of the loc. We provide a complimentary loc threader tool with every purchase for your convenience.

Dreadlock adornments are a great way to help promote the locking process,  adorn your natural tresses and showcase your personal style, beliefs and even passions. Locs are easy to accessorize with just about any kind of beads you buy and you’ll definitely be turning heads.

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