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Is There Really A “Best” Hair Growth Vitamin?

Is There Really A “Best” Hair Growth Vitamin?

Hair Vitamins? Really??

You’ve seen them on store shelves and you’ve read the hype online. “Take these pills and your hair and nails will grow like crazy!!!”

We secretly wish…

?   Shoulder length? Check.

?   Bra strap length? Yes please.

?   Waist length? Hallelujah!

The natural hair community is more than a little mildly obsessed with length and the increase in sales of vitamins promising to grow our tresses is evidence.

There is a saying that “what gets measured gets done” and it does have merit. If you’re taking hair vitamins and following the manufacturer’s directions with other healthy habits then you may see results.

What is important to note is that most of these products have the same base of ingredients – biotin and other natural ingredients that promote the growth of hair and nails.

Doctors have mixed opinions about taking these vitamins everyday though.

In one camp are doctors who promote taking hair vitamins. They are recommended to patients who are dealing with certain issues like thinning hair.

On the other hand, some doctors warn against daily vitamin intake citing concerns with overdose. They suggest you stop taking the vitamins if you notice skin rashes or high blood sugar.

Not sure if hair vitamins are for you? It’s always best to seek your doctor’s opinion.

I, myself, couldn’t resist…so I’m giving Hair La Vie a try at the moment. I’m not a good pill taker so I haven’t been taking as many per day as they recommend. (I’m averaging 1-2 per day with meals). I’ll keep you posted with an update after I finish my 3-month supply.

But in the meantime, if you are curious to see if hair vitamins will speed up your growth journey, here are two popular options currently on the market and getting a lot of luv…


Until next time…

Be Well.

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