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Ankara Fashion Styles That Slay!

Ankara Fashion Styles That Slay!

From festivals to fashion runways, you’ve seen these bold and colorful prints pop up in the most modern of ways. And while instantly recognizable, you may not have know it by name.

So what exactly is Ankara fashion, and why is there such a buzz?

Well, Ankara (also known as “African wax print” or “Dutch wax print”) is largely characterized by it’s vibrant, ethnic patterns and bold colors and is typically made of 100% cotton.

The buzz? While it has been popular among African culture for a long time, it’s been an emerging trend among African-Americans and quickly taking the states by storm as women and men continue to proudly claim their Queendom and Kingdom, continuing along the ongoing spectrum of discovery.

I’m personally loving this modern take on cultural fashions and believe the only proper response to that would be a resounding, “Yasssss!”

The beautiful patterns are rich in color and vibrant in style and the world of fashion cannot stop obsessing over its bold beauty.

ankara fashion for the officeBellaNaija, an online Nigerian magazine and blog, follows the latest trends from the red carpet to the wedding aisle. Your wedding day may not be near, but a night out on the town surely is. Either way, it is imperative you know exactly how and where to work your style. And lucky for you, there are tons of options.

Grace the Office with Style

From hair to fashion, there is always some debate on what’s proper or appropriate for the office. Some things keep consistent, such as a skirt or knee-length dress. However, there’s no reason that you can’t express yourself in office friendly attire with a bit of flair. Cubicle Nation or even your corner office with the great window view can be a tad less monotonous if you stack your fashion cards right. Pair your simple pieces with an Ankara blazer, or go bold with a full Ankara fashion dress or skirt. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Own the night out on the town with your girls or your guy

If you are anything like me, I have the ultimate girl power playlist with a good mix of tough, spicy and sweet on full blast when I’m getting ready for an evening of fun. So, of course, when I am gearing up for a night on the town with my crew, or a special guy, I have to match my attire to my attitude. Ankara patterns are ankara fashion body romperknown for perfectly mixing and matching vibrant colors in sophisticated patterns that catch the eye and hold it hostage. Pair a top with your jeans, or go all out, like with this bodysuit.

A Wedding Day Stunner

Your wedding day is one of elegance, grace, and style and it should be the case on every front, especially your dress. Ankara fashion has a definite place as it has been the traditional garb of Nigerian weddings since the beginning of time (or at least as far back as we can Google), and it is evident why. The intricate designs are stunning and captivating. They are not limited by the style of your dress to no extent. So, whether you are deciding to keep it sexy and put your curves on display, or keep it sweet reminiscent of Cinderella, you will not be disappointed.

You are not meant to go through life unnoticed, so why wouldn’t you show up boldly on the fashion front as well? Spice up your wardrobe with a few Ankara pieces that are flexible and accommodating of every aspect of your life.

Already owning the style? 

Share your pics with us! Use hashtag #loccessories

And if you’re not yet ready to step out in full force from head to toe with all things Ankara, you can start with a small statement featuring our Ankara hair accessories. Check them out here…

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