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Is An Afro Puff Professional Enough for the Office?

Is An Afro Puff Professional Enough for the Office?

Since returning to being a loose Natural after 11 years of being loc’d,  I am rediscovering different things to do with my hair and ways to wear it out and about, to work, and in various other daily activities. I think of myself as a […]

Cutie Pie Hair Accessories for Locs, Braids & Twists

Cutie Pie Hair Accessories for Locs, Braids & Twists

Okay, maybe I’m a little biased but I just have to tell you about Sugar Snaps Hair Barrettes for Locs & Twists. Read on and you’ll soon understand my enthusiasm… Little girls love to feel beautiful, cute, and pretty. One of the many ways they […]

Ankara Fashion Styles That Slay!

Ankara Fashion Styles That Slay!

From festivals to fashion runways, you’ve seen these bold and colorful prints pop up in the most modern of ways. And while instantly recognizable, you may not have know it by name. So what exactly is Ankara fashion, and why is there such a buzz? Well, Ankara (also known as “African wax print” or “Dutch wax print”) is largely characterized by it’s vibrant, ethnic patterns and bold colors and is typically made of 100% cotton.

The buzz? While it has been popular among African culture for a long time, it’s been an emerging trend among African-Americans and quickly taking the states by storm as women and men continue to proudly claim their Queendom and Kingdom, continuing along the ongoing spectrum of discovery.

I’m personally loving this modern take on cultural fashions and believe the only proper response to that would be a resounding, “Yasssss!”

The beautiful patterns are rich in color and vibrant in style and the world of fashion cannot stop obsessing over its bold beauty.

ankara fashion for the officeBellaNaija, an online Nigerian magazine and blog, follows the latest trends from the red carpet to the wedding aisle. Your wedding day may not be near, but a night out on the town surely is. Either way, it is imperative you know exactly how and where to work your style. And lucky for you, there are tons of options.

Grace the Office with Style

From hair to fashion, there is always some debate on what’s proper or appropriate for the office. Some things keep consistent, such as a skirt or knee-length dress. However, there’s no reason that you can’t express yourself in office friendly attire with a bit of flair. Cubicle Nation or even your corner office with the great window view can be a tad less monotonous if you stack your fashion cards right. Pair your simple pieces with an Ankara blazer, or go bold with a full Ankara fashion dress or skirt. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Own the night out on the town with your girls or your guy

If you are anything like me, I have the ultimate girl power playlist with a good mix of tough, spicy and sweet on full blast when I’m getting ready for an evening of fun. So, of course, when I am gearing up for a night on the town with my crew, or a special guy, I have to match my attire to my attitude. Ankara patterns are ankara fashion body romperknown for perfectly mixing and matching vibrant colors in sophisticated patterns that catch the eye and hold it hostage. Pair a top with your jeans, or go all out, like with this bodysuit.

A Wedding Day Stunner

Your wedding day is one of elegance, grace, and style and it should be the case on every front, especially your dress. Ankara fashion has a definite place as it has been the traditional garb of Nigerian weddings since the beginning of time (or at least as far back as we can Google), and it is evident why. The intricate designs are stunning and captivating. They are not limited by the style of your dress to no extent. So, whether you are deciding to keep it sexy and put your curves on display, or keep it sweet reminiscent of Cinderella, you will not be disappointed.

You are not meant to go through life unnoticed, so why wouldn’t you show up boldly on the fashion front as well? Spice up your wardrobe with a few Ankara pieces that are flexible and accommodating of every aspect of your life.

Already owning the style? 

Share your pics with us! Use hashtag #loccessories

And if you’re not yet ready to step out in full force from head to toe with all things Ankara, you can start with a small statement featuring our Ankara hair accessories. Check them out here…

A Natural Hair Journey of Trial and Triumph…Can You Relate?

A Natural Hair Journey of Trial and Triumph…Can You Relate?

“I love my hair…you, not so much.” — Natural Hair T-shirt Ok, the quote above is a bit tongue in cheek, but the struggle of having a hair complex is very real. Seriously though, when I was growing up, it was during time when being […]

Is There Really A “Best” Hair Growth Vitamin?

Is There Really A “Best” Hair Growth Vitamin?

Hair Vitamins? Really?? You’ve seen them on store shelves and you’ve read the hype online. “Take these pills and your hair and nails will grow like crazy!!!” We secretly wish… ?   Shoulder length? Check. ?   Bra strap length? Yes please. ?   Waist length? […]

Tips on Choosing the Best Dreadlock Shampoo

Tips on Choosing the Best Dreadlock Shampoo

6 Down & Dirty Tips on Choosing A Dreadlock Shampoo

the dowWhether you’re just starting to explore natural hairstyle possibilities, are beginning to grow dreads or have been wearing locs for a while now, it’s important that you learn just how to shampoo dreads to ensure that they stay healthy and keep looking great.


Well, to put it simply, you can’t just shampoo dreadlocks with any old shampoo you pick up at the 99 cent store. You need to use a dreads shampoo if you want to get the best results and avoid hair care woes. But what makes for a good dreadlocks shampoo you ask? Read on to discover some important tips about shampooing dreads…

1. Residue Is a No No. Locs can easily absorb ingredients like fragrances and oils from shampoos and other hair care products. Even if you thoroughly rinse your hair, traces of residue can linger in your locs and absorb moisture. Even if your dreadlocks feel dry, that residue that’s lurking behind might leave them still slightly damp, increasing your risk of developing dread rot. Always rinse your hair thoroughly after washing your locs, meaning twice as long as what feels natural or “enough.”

2. Most Shampoos Will Leave Behind Residue. You’ll find a number of conventional and even specialty ethnic shampoos on the market that claim to be “residue free,” but in actuality most still leave behind some traces of ingredients. Before buying any shampoo, it’s important to check the ingredient listings for any ingredients that start with the letters PPG or PEG.  These ingredients are likely to leave behind residue on dreadlocks and should be avoided. Right now, I’m using Jason’s Tea Tree Normalizing Shampoo. Reason being, it doesn’t have any any harsh chemicals (i.e. no parabens, no sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate or phthalates and not tested on animals). I read about it on a dreadlocks forum and sought it out, when I finally found it and saw on the packaging that it’s recommended for itchy scalp (which I have), with that I was convinced enough to try it and have been very happy with the results.

Tea Tree Oil Therapy Shampoo 17.5 oz, Jason Natural

3. Sulfates Are Not Your Friends. There are two surfactants commonly used in shampoo that people of all hair types are starting to avoid like the plague: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES). Both of these ingredients have been shown to potentially damage the cuticle of the hair strands and to strip moisture from the inner layers of hair proteins. These cleansing agents should be avoided if you have dreads, as they can trigger scalp sensitivity and leave locs dehydrated.

4. “Organic” and “Natural” Are Not Synonymous With “Safe for Dreadlocks.” Many shampoos today are touted as being organic, natural, naturally derived, made with organic ingredients and so on. Many Naturalistas make the mistake of assuming products with these types of labels are automatically safe for their locs, but that’s not always the case. Many natural ingredients can still create residue, making it important that you only choose formulas with essential oils or saponified oils not oils mixed with carrier oils. For example, a lot of people still use beeswax for their dreadlock maintenance. Yes, beeswax is technically “natural” (and who could hate those cute little bees busy making honey and other goodies for us?) but it’s a death knell for dreads because it attracts lint and unsightly buildup.

5. Search Before You Buy. Before purchasing any shampoo for dreads, don’t simply be swayed by pretty packaging and clever marketing angles… flip the bottle over and take a scan of all of the ingredients contained in the formulas. Find out whether or not they’re really dread safe before you make your purchase. There are commercial products out there that are safe, but it can take a bit of investigation to find them.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Make Your Own. Because it can be so difficult to find a residue-free shampoo for dreadlocks, many Naturalistas (and NaturalMistas) choose to whip up their own homemade rinses. You can find a number of recipes online that allow you to make a big batch of dreadlock rinse with just a few easy-to-find ingredients.

Whether you decide you want to make your own dreads shampoo or purchase one of the dreadlock shampoos that are currently available on the market, your locs will thank you by being easy to manage when you take the time to shampoo your dreads with a formula or natural rinse made especially for locs.

And to keep that healthy vibe going, consider adding a Dreadlock Shampoo Brush to your dreadlock maintenance routine. It’s like a pamper party for your scalp…
free shampoo brush scalp massager

How To Remove Lint From your Locs

How To Remove Lint From your Locs

Lint in locs is unavoidable…it doesn’t mean you did something wrong. But there are some things you can do differently. Here are a few… Let’s face it…it doesn’t seem to matter how well you try to maintain your locs — lint happens! This is especially […]

How To “Loc“ In Moisture

How To “Loc“ In Moisture

How To Add Moisture To Your Locs Moisturizing Dreadlocks: There’s a common belief that natural, kinky coily hair, particularly locs, are dry, brittle, and fragile. Natural black hair actually produces a sufficient amount of sebum, which aids in keeping the hair supple. However, the structure […]

Dreadlock Styles Videos

Dreadlock Styles Videos

Visit Loccessories on YouTube for more Healthy Hair How-To videos…

MythBusters: Dreadlock Styles Lack Versatility?

If the plethora of dreadlock styles available on YouTube hasn’t already swayed you. Read on for some additional reinforcement… Sometimes people (women in particular) are intimidated about getting dreadlocks because they believe that locs are a permanent style that lacks versatility. But just as one example, Sisterlocks offer tons of versatility because their small size allows you to utilize a curling iron and you can pretty much do all the styles that women with relaxed hair can do. Traditional dreadlocks cannot be curled like sisterlocks but can be curled using Bantu Knots, Rods, Rollers for Dreads, and Pin Curls. Dreadlock hairstyles include everything from buns, bangs, gym loc, barrel roll up-do, to loc Mohawk, twists swoop, coiling, curls, pipe cleaner and braid outs.

Truth be told, the majority of styles that can be created with relaxed hair can be created with dreadlocks as well. dreadlock accessories for menIt does not matter whether your dreadlocks are black, blonde, brown, or highlighted, there are a variety of loc hairstyles you can fashion with them. You can put long dreadlocks up into a casual up-do or simply pull them back with a natural hair accessory, letting your dreads hang or putting a mix of colorful beads in some of the dreads. Try an up-do.

You can achieve an elegant and neat look by twisting your dreadlocks backward in cornrows. Secure the ends of your cornrows with rubber bands and pin them up in the back or in a ponytail with a stylish loc tie.

You can rock your dreadlocks in curly and wavy styles too. You can do this by doing Bantu knots. Bantu knots are knots created when small sections of locs are twisted together and wrapped tightly in “cinnamon roll-like” spirals close to the scalp. These knots may be secured with a rubber band or by placing a bobby pin at the base. When bantu knots are taken down, they create beautiful spiral curls and can add volume to dreadlocks.

You can braid your dreadlocks and try the crinkle method to get your curls. Braid small sections of your locs together while they are wet and allow them to air dry in the braids. Once they’re completely dry (may take a day or two depending on how long your locs are), unbraid them to reveal big voluminous curls. Pull your locs back into a bun or side bun. Let some of the locs hang in front of your face and pin them back in a side bang.

You can take your locs to the next level by trying out an edgy Mohawk (a.k.a. Faux Hawk). Braid the locs on the side of your head and do a French roll in the middle. As with any other hair texture, you are only limited by your own creativity. Dreadlocks are low maintenance and offer many styling options.

Go ahead and have fun with it…try some of the dreadlock styles you read here and post a picture on our Facebook page to show us how it turned out!

How To Wear Your Loccessories

How To Wear Your Loccessories

How To Wear Your  Loccessories Loc Cuffs Looking for a way to keep your dreadlocks in check while maintaining a great style? Loc cuffs are a great way to accessorize your locs and add a little hair flair to your everyday style. The first step […]

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Hot List: Top 6 Trends In Hair Accessories for Natural Hair

Hot List: Top 6 Trends In Hair Accessories for Natural Hair

What’s Hot & What’s Not? Top Trends In Natural Hair Accessories

There are many, many ways to wear your natural hair. Styling options seem endless with a nudge of inspiration. Whether your hair is in twists, afro, twist-outs, cornrows, up-dos, braids, plaits or dreadlocs, sometimes you get bored and want to spice things up. Accessories are a good way to add dimension to your look and they work with long, short, straight, wavy or curly hairstyles.

So here’s a quick hot list of top 6 hair accessories for natural hair trending right now…


Hair Accessories for Natural Hair Trend #1: Headwraps

When curls get old, braidouts get tired and extensions or wigs aren’t an option and you need new hair styling options, try head wraps. These head wraps can be worn by anyone: relaxed, natural, transitioning, locs, etc… Plus, head wraps are inexpensive. You can purchase your own fabric or use a scarf you already have. Try turning an existing fabric headband on backwards and fan out the fabric in the back pushing your curly twists  or cascading curlylocs to the front for a quick styling option. Head wraps can cut styling time down as you don’t have to worry about doing much with your hair other than adding soem light sheen and finger styling it. What’s more, they also protect the hair from the elements. You can look regal even in the basic headwraps. Experiment with many different ways to wrap and style a headwrap.

Want Cute Hair Accessories for Natural Hair? Try Trend #2: Headbands

Accessorize your locs with fancy headbands. You can buy them hard and soft and are available in a variety of colors and styles at places like at your local beauty supply, pharmacy or grocery store. You can color block with two colors and mix & match patterns. They also come in different widths and instead of a wide one, you can try thin ones. You can put your hair in an afro puff or pull back your locs and top it off with a headband.

Hair Accessories for Natural Hair Trend #3: Feathers

Jazz up your hair with a colorful feather. Adding feathers to your hair is a big trend and you are able to change up the feathers as often as you change clothes.  For a different look do a chignon and add in a feather to the side of your head. Feathers come in a variety of colors or multicolored, different style and sizes. They are also available in short and longer lengths and you can buy either a single feather known as a “Whisper,” which can either be installed alone or with their “Accent” feathers, which are bolder and wider feathers.

Hair Accessories for Short Natural Hair? Try Trend #4: Hair Elastics

These skinny stretchy elastics come in many colors. Made of a unique elastic fiber, these hair elastics glide onto any head and stay put. When it’s time to remove them, they glide right off without pulling or snagging your hair. Styles vary from plain and simple to glitter and patterns.

Unique Natural Hair Accessories and Hair ‘Jewelry’
Trend #5: Fascinators

Fascinators have become a casual hair accessory and very popular since the royal wedding.  They come in countless styles, sizes and colors.  Depending on your personal style, you can buy fascinators made with feathers, flowers or beads with a small net. They bind to hair by a comb, headband or clip.

And lastly, Trend #6: Beads
Loc Accessories for Natural Hair features

Relatively inexpensive, beads are an excellent way to add style and color to your hair and changed out often to suit your mood. They are an accessory that can be worn by all ages and on all hair types. Wear them at the middle or ends of braided, twisted or loose hair. Stack them for a more dramatic effect or mix and match the colors.

So there you have it, when you tire of your go-to style that you’ve been wearing for as long as you can remember, try some of the hair accessories for natural hair mentioned in this article for an instance dash of hair flavor!